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I'm a mentor, teacher, listener, coach, mediator, friend, lover, brother, son, avid learner, and passionate life enthusiast. I have helped many people find their way through navigating obstacles, both internal and external. I will empower you to trust your instincts and accomplish what you value most in life.


My role will vary based on what you need; sometimes I’m the voice of reason when you question the certainty of your decisions. Other times I'm simply a quiet reinforcement,  listening and assuring that your next steps will be in the most efficient direction.


We all want to be happy and productive, but how do we know how to get there? There can be terrible consequences if we listen to those who unconsciously lead us astray. So how do you know the difference? Well, that is where I can help. What's important to understand is that you are never alone. You can find what you are looking for, but you have to keep making consistent efforts to find it. So, let’s get to it together!

Do you feel inauthentic?


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There are few clear answers in this life. But in my experience, the answers aren't usually far from reach. The challenge of seeing our solutions is often in figuring out how to decipher what we want from what we don't want. It helps to have someone we trust to help us get out of our own way. Something I heard that I wish I'd heard  earlier in life was, "Never take advice from someone you wouldn't trade places with."


So, what do you worry about?  Is all that worry really preparing you for an actual crisis? I have answered more than a few of those big questions for myself and  helped many others in my adventures trying to reach what we are all seeking, which is to feel like the captain of our own ship.


If you are currently working through thoughts or experiences that are blocking your forward momentum, then consider me here ready to help bring motivation and new perspectives. Because usually that’s all we really need -- fresh perspective. I assure you that I can help. Ultimately, the answers will be decided by you, but I will help you reach them faster. Look forward to speaking with you soon.


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Mattie Hill

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