We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve...
Everyone needs a coach. - Bill Gates


It is common for life coaches to be confused with therapists. It is common to feel unsure of what a life coach assists with, knowing costs involved, accessibility, etc. Here are a few questions below to help dispel any confusion or thoughts on what to expect when hiring a life coach.


How is life coaching different from therapy?


The simplest way to clarify the confusion is that therapists typically delve into the “whys” of a person’s challenges and helps people work towards awareness in addition to action. Life coaches, on the other hand, will use a more hands-on approach and focus solely on making immediate meaningful changes toward the future, without discussions of what caused the difficulties in the first place.

How much does life coaching usually cost?


Zoom/phone sessions are $85 per hour. In-person sessions are $100 per hour. If meeting in person more than 20 miles from Playa del Rey, there will be an additional fee for travel. Promotional Package: Purchase 5 sessions in advance, receive a FREE one-hour Zoom/phone session. This does not expire.



How long must I commit to working with a coach to expect results?


The time necessary to create change can vary. We will create a personalized plan to achieve your goals based on your personal needs. There are no contracts or commitments for us to work together.



Does life coaching ever cause harm?


My goal is to encourage and empower you to achieve your potential and feel successful. You should leave our sessions feeling upbeat, energized, and focused on meeting your next hurdle with confidence and excitement. Discomfort is never a goal, but sometimes may occur when identifying habits that keep you from reaching your goals. If the patterns we address become too difficult to handle, I can refer you to a therapist to help work through those issues. Then we can continue to work together to meet your goals.

What are the most common focus points with life coaching?

Everyone is different, but I will usually focus on helping you gaining confidence in your ability to trust and rely on yourself. A common focus point will be to help you become the best version of yourself. A "block" is a limitation we set because of something we experienced that challenged our ability to trust and believe in ourselves. I will help you recognize blocks and work through them to become the person you want to be. Other common focus points might involve improvement of basic life skills. For example, finding stable housing, getting a job, improving life skills and personal care, or building a social support system.

How often do we meet?

We meet via Zoom, phone, or in person. Typically meetings are once a week to stay accountable and keep your momentum strong. We can meet as often as you feel is necessary so you are confident you can acheive what you most desire.

Can you do this work yourself? Of course! But sometimes, having the right person by your side or in your ear can help you get there a whole lot faster.