We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve...Everyone needs a coach.
- Bill Gates


It is common for life coaches to be confused with therapists. It is common to feel unsure of what a life coach assists, knowing costs involved, accessibility, etc. Here are a few questions below to help dispel any confusion or thoughts on what to expect when hiring a life coach.

How is life coaching different from therapy?


The simplest way to clarify the confusion is that therapists typically help clients look to the past to understand today. Life coaches help clients observe today to create meaningful changes toward the future; they offer tools to help implement personal and professional goals when a client struggles in a particular area.


How much does life coaching usually cost?


As in all industries, the range of costs for services can vary greatly. My goal is to be available for those who need help and not make those looking for assistance feel punished in their wallet.

Zoom sessions/phone calls pricing is comparable to what one would expect to pay for an hour massage or a meal out with a friend.  They are approachable for one critical reason, so you know you can get help and direction when you need it.

Some clients require an extra level of commitment, such as in-person sessions, to handle more involved coaching. In such instances, the base price for in-person meetings is listed under SERVICES; anything within 20 miles of Playa del Rey has no additional costs.

I created a promotional package to help costs for anyone seeking ongoing coaching. The package offers an additional free hour-long Zoom/phone session when five sessions are purchased together in advance. There is no expiration or time window to use this purchase offer.  The offer encourages, inspires, and motivates those seeking to develop personal insights and cultivate result-driven actions. 


How long must I commit to working with a coach to expect results?


There are no contracts or commitments for us to work together. Everybody has different needs, so to place obligations or time commitments would be counterproductive. In my experience, we will both know very quickly if there is potential in us working together.


Does life coaching ever cause harm?


The goal of a life coach is to encourage and empower you to achieve your potential and feel successful in your efforts. You should leave our sessions feeling upbeat, energized, and focused on meeting your next hurdle with confidence and excitement.  Discomfort is never a goal, but sometimes it may be necessary to identify certain habits that obstruct you from reaching your desired success. If the patterns we address cause you grief because it is associated with some repressed trauma, I would suggest a therapist for you to speak with to handle the issue responsibly. Then we could continue our work together.

What are the most common focus points with life coaching?

Everyone is different. It usually focuses on gaining confidence in one's ability to trust and rely on themselves.  A "block" is usually a limitation we have set on ourselves from something we have experienced that challenged our ability to trust ourselves and believe we have the fortitude to see something through to the end. The obstruction may have been justified or a petty accusation. Still, our emotional truth doesn't allow us to get past it to the logical conclusion that we shouldn't let it impede our ability to achieve what we care about and be the best version of ourselves.

For example, someone coming out of rehab may need assistance with establishing their new sober life, "after care!" They may need help with finding stable housing, a job, life skills, personal care, or building a social support system. While another client struggles with confidence in social scenes. Life balance is pretty common; to learn how to say no in non-destructive ways to maintain your own personal health.

Can you do this work yourself? Of course! But sometimes, having the right person by your side or in your ear can help you get there a whole lot faster.

How do we meet?

Zoom sessions are straightforward because we agree on a window of time and check-in with each other. It is easy, simple, and effective. If an in-person meeting is to be arranged, then please contact me so we can make arrangements. Anything within the twenty miles of Playa del Rey is no additional charge beyond the in-person meeting fee. If there are destinations beyond this zone, simply contact me, and I will share additional information.