Don’t let your perception block your success!

I would like to focus this entry on an exceptionally great quote I heard from Henry David Thoreau.

“It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

The truth of this quote is something we should always consider in our daily lives. We have to remember that what we see is often better described as an expression of ourselves projected onto what we observe rather than what something is. We jump to conclusions because it helps us quickly assess the multiple situations we encounter every day. Should we stay, or should we go? Is this a friendly encounter, or does it feel dangerous?

Since it is inevitable to make snap judgments whether we intend to or not, we should be aware of our instincts and ensure that it isn’t counterproductive to the direction that we want to advance. Does this inner voice have a productive mindset toward growth, or is it constantly nagging us with every reason something could fail? It is essential and in our best interest to see something for what it is rather than what we think it to be.

What if we were able to wake up one morning, look in the mirror and not remember who we were? Who would we see looking back at us, and what would we be capable of that we never allowed ourselves to do before? An interesting thought for sure! We would probably just be terrified in real life because there would be so many questions that needed answers, and we typically don’t like feeling we don’t know the answers. But what if we were able to see it as an opportunity to be who we have longed to be and never permitted ourselves? It is common to overlook how much we have grown in an area because the memory of our failures is louder than our recent victories.

“Things that men perceive as real are real in their consequences.” If we believe something to be true, then many ways it is true. If you say you can do something or you can’t - then you are right. Your intention has stated your position; anticipate your actions to ensure you are true to your word.

So much of what happens in our day takes the direction we choose. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can nearly always control how we respond. And to briefly bring it back to the Thoreau quote mentioned, be aware of what your inner voice is saying to you.

How have you noticed this in your own life? What was a personal moment you recently experienced when you felt you leveled up?

I would love to hear your moment of victory. Please share in the comments below so we can inspire others to do the same.